This is a short video review by dunkoholic. He places the Razor A5 and Fuzion City Glide side by side to give a hands-on comparison.


YouTube views at time of publishing article: 30,145. Video was originally published on 17 Jul 2011.


He gives the Razor A5 (Pink) a spin on it’s front wheel, and proceeds to do the same with the Fuzion City Glide (Yellow).


The Razor A5 wheel is still spinning and the Fuzion City Glide slows down considerably.


This means that the Razor A5 has better bearings on it’s wheels that allows it to glide more.

He asks his daughter to unfold the scooters to the full size and place it against the wall for a full length look comparison.


She does it with ease with the Fuzion Cityglide but has some trouble with the A5.


She abandons her mission and he eventually takes over to do the unfolding while he passes his video camera to her.


At the end of his video, he leaves some golden nuggets:
“.. I give the A5 an 8 and the city glide 9 out of 10.

A5 feelz a little sloppy but it does have a better bearings than the cityglide. The city glide feels a lot sturdier and runs better… I’d give it a
10 if it had bearings like the a5….”


What we think:
1. The Fuzion Cityglide is around the same price of the Razor A5 Red.
2. You can always change the ball bearings on the Fuzion Cityglide to improve it’s distance per kick. Bearings are inexpensive.
3. The Fuzion Cityglide has a more unisex appeal and aesthetic.
4. The Razor A5 looks like it’s more difficult to unfold compared to the Fuzion Cityglide.

Fuzion Cityglide has an edge over the Razor A5 in terms of design and folding-ease, but lacks in the speed of the wheels and is more expensive to purchase. Probably a good idea to get the Fuzion Cityglide and add Bones Bearings to get the best of both worlds. Get the Razor A5 Red for convenience if you’re not into changing bearings.

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