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Michael Hsu shares his thoughts and feelings about being an adult riding a kickscooter.

Confessions of a Grown-Up Kick-Scooter Rider by WSJ Reporter - Michael Hsu

He starts off with stating the pros of using a kickscooter for an adult:
1. Fun to ride
2. Easy to store
3. Lets you zip around the city


He admits that you have to swallow a little of your pride when you ride one.

But he shares that you’ll soon get over that when you get used to how fast it takes to get around using one. And that you might even find it tough to get back to walking.


In the video, he is seen using the kickscooter on his way to the subway station.


Some of the benefits of using the kickscooter:
1. It does not take up extra space on the bus or subway
2. You can even hold it discreetly during rush hour
3. Does not require a lot of maintenance
4. It’s great for the short intervals in between your daily commute but probably not the entire trip


He moves on to share some specifications required for a smooth ride:
1. Low Deck – You won’t have to bend as much with each stride
2. Large Tyres – Easy to roll over large cracks on the road
3. Easy to Fold – Convenience of transition to storage/transport mode while on the move
4. Light Weight – You’ll have an easier time carrying the kickscooter in between activities/destinations


Next, he recommends 3 adult kick scooter models for consideration:
1. Razor A5 Lux

– One of the lightest model out there in the market
– In his opinion, the fastest to fold
– But the ride is a bit “jittery”

Confessions of a Grown-Up Kick-Scooter Rider by WSJ Reporter - Michael Hsu


2. Micro Black
– Slightly heavier and pricier than the Razor A5
– The low deck makes the ride “exceptionally comfortable”




3. Xootr Roma

– Lightest in the Xootr Line of scooters
– Has a front wheel brake on the handle bar which sets it apart from the previous 2 model, which is great for controllign speed when you’re going downhill
– Fold & Lock mechanism is a miss as it’s not as easy/fast as the Razor A5 or Micro Black’s

Xootr Roma with Fender/Brake Kit
Xootr Ultra Cruz with Fender
Xootr Mg with Fender – Black







He concludes that as an adult you might have some reservations about being seen riding a kickscooter, but he adds that “Why Should Kids Have All The Fun?”.

We have to agree!

Confessions of a Grown-Up Kick-Scooter Rider by WSJ Reporter - Michael Hsu

For more information on his kickscooter adventures, click here for the full article by Michael Hsu.

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