Inokim Quick-2 Myway Electric Scooter

Can’t decide between going Manual or Electric with a kick scooter? The Inokim Quick 2 Electric Scooter is the perfect solution to your dilemma. You can choose between both manual and electric mode with this little transport wonder.

In Electric Mode:
It is capable of speeds up to of 15.5 miles per hour. And can travel up to 18 – 37 miles per charge. In addition, it comes in different colors: Black, White, Blue, Green And Orange

Inokim is designed and developed in Israel by Nimrod Sapir. Inokim also goes by the brand name Myway. The brand has a strong following in Asia in countries such as China, Malaysia and Singapore.

Quick-2 is the latest 2015 model released commercially after 4 years of R&D and field testing.

Quick Summary

  • 5 Seconds to fold and unfold
  • Front and rear brakes
  • Foldable handlebar
  • Built-in carry handle on Deck
  • Throttle with LCD display
  • Anti-slip deck surface


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Inokim Quick-2 Myway Electric Scooter Portable Foldable Mini Electric Bike 18AH Multiple Colors (Black)
Price Range
Colors Available in Black, White, Blue, Orange or Green
Weight of Scooter 31.9 pounds (14.5kg)
Battery Charging Time 6 hours for full charge
Speed Range of Scooter Speeds up to 15.5 miles per hour (Configurable to 17 and 25 km/h) (rider weight and terrain contingent)
Time Usage by Full Charge – 9AH is about 15.5 – 18.6 miles (25 – 30KM) after full charge
– 18AH is about 24.8 – 31.0 miles (40 – 50KM) after full charge
Maximum Weight Capacity 264 pounds (120 kg)
>Dimensions Length 108cm X Width 35cm X Height 118cm
Handle Bar The handlebars are foldable, wide and height-adjustable.
Front Brake Front V-brakes
Back Brake Rear disc brakes
Kick Stand Yes
Wheels Alloy Wheel by MYWAY
Deck Aluminium Deck with Anti-Skid Grips. The INOKIM Quick 2 also features a carrying handle in the deck for greater portability. It’s serves as a great feature to lock up your scooter as well .
Tires 10 inch pneumatic tires front and rear
Motor: 36V Hub Motor
Battery: LITHIUM ION BATTERY 36V-9Ah 36V 9AH or 18AH
Charge System: INOKIM has an external charger. Connect the charging cable to INOKIM’s charging socket under the footboard, on the right side at the rear. Than connect the chargers electric cable to an electrical outlet. To maximize INOKIM’s battery performance, fully charge it for 9 hours, once a month, or after each use of twelve hours.
Controller: Throttle with LCD Display and Functions
Start twisting the thumb throttle with your thumb for accelerating.Max twisting angle 60 ° for full speed.
User Controls: Speed mode: this function is to limit the maximum speed of the scooter, either for a beginner user or for more accurate riding in a crowded surrounding:
•Speed mode 3 – using full throttle will gain maximum speed of the scooter, 25KM/H at default.
•Speed mode 2 – using full throttle, will gain 70% of scooter top speed.
•Speed mode 1 – using full throttle, the maximum speed will be under10 KM/H
Seat Kit: No.
Inokim Quick-2 Myway Electric Scooter Portable Foldable Mini Electric Bike 18AH Multiple Colors (Black)
  • Turnkey ready out of the box.
  • Great on slopes.
  • Quiet.
  • Long battery life.
  • Foldable and compact.
  • Built-in Handle on Deck is a useful locking system.
  • Comes with tools for maintenance purposes.
  • Large deck.
  • Reputable Brand
  • User Manual Included

  • Heavy and Large.
  • Long Charging TIme.
  • Did not come with front lamp or U.S. Plug/Adapter.
  • Expensive
Inokim Quick-2 Myway Electric Scooter Portable Foldable Mini Electric Bike 18AH Multiple Colors (Black)
Our Score 9 out of 10
Our Verdict The Inokim Quick 2 is immaculately-designed, sought-after and an overall high performance electric scooter. It has a nice torque to climp slopes and is capable of supporting weights up to 264 pounds with it’s sturdy deck and body.

The huge price-tag and long charging time is a concern though. The scooter does not come with front lights which was included in the cheaper Etwow scooter as well.

Nonetheless, it’s suitable for users after design aesthetics and looking for a high end escooter model.


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