Know-Ped Kick Scooter Review

knowped_pdt_img_05The Know-Ped is a self-powered kick scooter designed especially for adults.

The Know-Ped is exquisitely handcrafted from the same high quality aircraft grade materials that all Go-Peds are made from. A kick scooter that is strong, durable and portable – it stands out as the new standard in push scooter design and construction.

The recommended age for the Know-Ped® is 16 years of age or older and and minimum weight is 100 pounds (45 kg).

Quick Summary

  • Strong, durable and portable.
  • Specially crafted for adult users.
  • Nice big wheels that will go over rough ground smoothly
  • Encompasses 2 different types of brakes – Front & Back Braking systems
  • Wide foot bed for easier balancing
  • Can hold up to 400 pounds (181kg) of weight
  • Mainframe created from Aircraft Quality 4130 Chromyl Frame
  • Handle Bar created from 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum
  • 6″ Solid Go-Active™ Rubber replaceable wheels


Know-Ped Kick Scooter Videos

Know-Ped GoPed kick/push powered scooter model by GoPed Ltd.


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Know-Ped Kick Scooter Review




Specifications & Review:

Shipping Weight 15.3 pounds (6.9 kg)
Price Range but_checkprice
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Weight of Kick Scooter 13 lbs ( 5.9 kg)
Battery Charging Time  N.A.
Speed Range of Scooter  N.A.
 Available Colors Red, Blue, Gloss Black and Flat Black.
Recommended Age From   Teens To Adults
Maximum Weight Capacity 400 lbs (181 kg)
 Folded dimensions   34 by 13 by 13 inches
 Adjustable Height For Handle Bar  6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. Height of Scooter from Ground: 39 inches.
 Front Brake  Caliper on Know-Ped / None on Grow-Ped
 Back Brake  Stomp Fender
 Kick Stand
Wheels  6″ Solid Go-Active™ Rubber replaceable tire
 Frame Aircraft quality 4130 Chromyl frame
Deck Signature style Go-Ped wooden deck
 Foldable?   Yes. Folding hinge: 1 second slide-tube setup
 Pros – One of the Cheapest, Good Quality Adult Kick Scooters
– Free Shipping
– Supports the most weight among similar scooters.
– Has a classic American Look to it.
 Cons – It’s the heaviest scooter
– Some users have claimed that when used
on rainy days it begins to rot.  Go-Ped does mention (in small print)
that the Know-Ped should not be exposed to rain or moisture.

– Not on Amazon Best Sellers Rank at all
Our Score 9.0 out of 10
Our Verdict While the Know-Ped is the priciest among the 3 scooters (Xooter MG and Kickped), it has the
least complaints from users.It is stable, comfortable, sturdy and well built to carry the most weight.
Notably, it does not break down as easily after long usage as compared
with the Xootr.

The downside of the Know-ped Adult Kick Scooter is the non-adjustable
handle bar, as well as it’s heavy weight.


*Information is based on Amazon Content at time of publishing article. Subject to updates and changes periodically. (Last Updated: April 2014)
Picture Source:  Google. Amazon.

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