Micro Flex Blue Adult Kick Scooter Review

The Micro Flex Blue comes with a classic design from the Micro Kickboard brand. It stands apart with it’s distinctive, shiny metallic blue finish on it’s polished aluminum body.

Besides looks, functions wised, it’s large wheels and adjustable/retractable handle bar that are made from padded foam are suitable for adults looking for a comfortable ride.

Simple and convenient to use for outdoor short commutes!


Quick Summary

  • Electric blue metallic finish
  • Patented Flex deck constructed of marine-ply and fibreglass
  • Smooth-gliding, fast 200mm wheels
  • Performance-grade bearings to resist high pressures
  • T-Bar Designed For Adults – Adjustable between 38 and 41 inches above the deck
  • Weight capacity at 220 lbs


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