Micro Kickboard Monster Adult Kick Scooter Review

Micro Kickboard Kick Scooters are known for their unique designs. Particularly, there are “2” specially designed Front Wheels, instead of the usual “1”. This means this three wheel scooter can stand upright on it’s own without using a kickstand.
The 2nd thing that sets it apart from the pack is the handlebar. It’s interchangeable between a JOYSTICK and the usual HANDLEBAR. (Joystick steering provides more of a skateboarding or longboarding feel.)
What this means is that the Micro Kickboard Monster Adult Kick Scooter offers greater stability and control, even at long carving turns at high speed.

Quick Summary

  • Interchangeable Handlebar – Joystick to T-bar
  • Foldable and Compact
  • Weight capacity up to 220 pounds
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Cool Unique Design


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2 replies to this post
  1. I’m in lower Manhattan, New York City. Where are you? Where can I see and examine a Kickboard Monster Scooter or something similar to it? Some place near NYC?
    You seem to have different models of the Monster for adults but at different prices. What are the differences? Do you have a brochure or site where different models are elucidated?

  2. Hi Bob,
    Thanks for dropping by the site! How are you?
    This is a review site and we do not have a physical store currently.

    I would recommend that you check out NYCE Wheels located at:
    NYCeWheels, 1603 York Ave. (84/85th) New York, NY 10028
    More information at: http://www.nycewheels.com/contactus.html

    They have a couple of Micro Scooters for adults as well as other models such as Xootr and Kickped.
    But not this model I think.

    Hope this helps! Happy Scooting!

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