Easy to fold and lock, the Oxelo Town 7 Easy Fold Adult Scooter (2015 Version) , is a breeze to use with it’s patented folding mechanism. Simply give it a push with your foot on the front of it and you’re done folding it.

PROS: Easy folding mechanism. Handle bars are height adjustable for adults. Light weight.

CONS: High Cost. The lack of suspension that means it’s unsuitable for rough terrain. Expect vibrations when you go over bumps and cracks on pavements.

NOTABLES: What’s the difference between the OXELO Town 5, Town 7 and Town 9 models? The Town 5 has a narrower foot deck. And the Town 9 has the largest deck and includes braking system on the handlebar. That leaves the Town 7 which is somewhere in between with no front braking system and an average sized deck.

Quick Summary

  • Adjustable height for handlebar
  • 2 large 200 mm PU rubber wheels
  • ABEC 5 bearings
  • Rear wheel brake
  • Unfolds and folds in 1 SECOND thanks to the patented “EASYFOLD” technology.
  • Anti theft system, secure your scooter to any kind of street furniture with a simple padlock
  • Option to transport it in TROLLEY mode
  • Scooter Weight: 11.24lbs or 5.1kg
  • Weight Capacity: 220lbs or 100kg.


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