Pimp Your Ride III : Get Rid Of Squeaks And Ride Smoother

We experienced squeaking after using our scooters after a few months. And went about finding solutions to eliminate the problem. This involved experimenting with tightening and loosening of bolts. Changing bearings and more.

Finally, after some research and testing, we found out that lubricating the nuts and bolts around the area of your kick scooter’s frame will help to eliminate noisy squeaking sounds.

Areas such as the connecting bolts around the handle bar, as well as the back suspension under the deck, where there’s lots of connecting parts are some key areas to tackle.


It’s something relatively simple to do and just takes a few minutes. Just get the spray with the small nozzle, aim and spray. EZ!

Not sure if there is any consequences to this. But so far, it’s been a few months since we added it, and all’s good. No squeaks, no meltdowns. Everything’s in tact. So we’re sharing the trick. Or does everyone know about it already?!!

We recommend using WD-40 110057 Multi-Use Product Spray.

Tip 1: Avoid contacting the lubricant with your wheel bearings.
Tip 2: Only lubricate when you start hearing squeaks and when it’s necessary. Overdoing it might compromise your scooter’s safety. So be careful and strict on how much oil you place on each area.

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