Pulse Performance DX1 Freestyle Dirt Scooter Review

The Pulse Performance DX1 Freestyle Dirt Scooter is suitable for adults who weight less than 180lbs (81kg). With it’s large air-filled wheels, it provides a comfortable ride over smooth pavements, grass, as well as dirt roads.

PROS: Suitable for rough terrain. Air filled knobby pneumatic tires absorb the shocks. Sturdy frame.

CONS: Not foldable or collapsible. Non-adjustable height for handle bars. Light assembly required.


Quick Summary

  • 200 x 50mm knobby tires with ABEC-5 bearings
  • Reinforced high tensile steel bars with BMX style grips
  • Oversize steel 4 piece handlebars with 3-bolt clamp
  • Reinforced extruded 6000 series heat treated aluminum deck
  • Polished stainless steel foot brake
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 180 pounds


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  1. I actually have 2 questions about this model. 1: What size is the axel (I would like to get a longer one for grind legs). 2: What is the exact size of the bearings in the wheels. Standard skateboard bearings are too small in the center and the 608zz I got just didn’t fit right (the wheel had to much play as there was a minor space between bearings and axel.) could you recommend some decent higher speed bearings than the abec 5’s that come stock?

  2. Actually that don’t help much… Bones redz are 608 bearings wich are 8mm center diameter. In other words this scooter does not take standard skate bearings. I was hoping as a professional review site you could review it and find the correct size. Unfortunately searching the internet and even asking pulse directly has been 0 help. I love this scooter but its about to go in the trash and ill order a different brand that has identifiable parts. Please help me keep my scooter a 5 star buy and not leave me with buyers remorse.

  3. The bushings for the rear are a bit to long, they won’t fir with tire and bushings into the slot for the bolt

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