Razor A5 LUX Adult Kick Scooter Review

The Razor A5 has large wheels that gives a smooth riding experience. This means less pushing and more riding! And better performance on bumpy roads and rough pavement than kick scooters with smaller wheels.

In addition, it is easy to fold, and comfortably supports riders up to 220 lbs.

Available in these colors: Black, Red and Blue. Scroll below for more pictures.


Tip 1. Handle Bar Widths:
Look out for the different handle bar widths options when you’re buying the Razor A5. There are 2 types available. If you’re taller, be sure to opt for a wider handlebar if you had a choice. The wider bar gives you more control and stability. Alternatively, you can change the handle bar’s width by having a little fun DIY modification project.

The Razor A5 Lux in RED one seems to have a wider handlebar in some instance as shown in the video “Razor A5 Lux Red vs Blue comparison and Review” below. And appear narrow in the video “Razor A5 Lux Adult Scooter Video Review” below. So there are some variables in the Handle Bar Width even when it’s the exact same Red model being sold.

Tip 2. Grip On Deck
The Razor A5 Blue Kick Scooter’s Deck has a larger grip area than the Razor A5 Red. If you need more grip area, opt for the blue version.

Tip 3. Kick Stand
It’s understood that the red Razor A5 doesn’t have a kick stand for it and the Razor A5 blue one does. Do you need a kick stand?

Tip 4. Replace the bearings to get more miles per kick
Bones Bearings Reds Bearings

Replacing the wheel bearings on your kick scooter is easy (5 minutes tops) You’ll need an Allen key and a mallet, plus a new set of bearings to get started. Just follow along the steps shown in the video below:

Replacing Wheel Bearings – Mini Kick Scooter Parts by Micro Kickboard


Quick Summary

  • Extra large 200mm urethane wheels with ABEC 5 bearings
  • Max rider weight: 220 lbs
  • No assembly required
  • Easy to fold, carry and transport
  • Adjustable handlebar height


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Razor A5 LUX Adult Kick Scooter Review

Razor A5 LUX Adult Kick Scooter Review

Razor A5 LUX Adult Kick Scooter Review

Razor A5 LUX Adult Kick Scooter Review

Razor A5 LUX Adult Kick Scooter Review


















Specifications & Review

Razor A5 LUX Adult Kick Scooter
Shipping Weight 11 pounds
Price Range
Weight of Kick Scooter 8.5 lbs
Battery Charging Time N.A.
Speed Range of Scooter N.A.
Available Colors Red, Blue and Black
Recommended Age From Teens Onwards
Maximum Weight Capacity 220 lbs
Folded dimensions Not Available
Adjustable Height For Handle Bar Yes. Width of handle bar is 18″(2015 models onwards)
Front Brake No
Back Brake Yes
Kick Stand The blue has it but the red does not.
Wheels Extra-large urethane wheels. 200mm or 7.87 inches
Frame Aircraft-grade aluminum t-tube
Deck Aircraft-grade aluminum deck
Foldable? Yes
Razor A5 LUX Adult Kick Scooter
  • Great for adults and kids alike.
  • Light, foldable, compact and portable.
  • Low cost to own.
  • No assembly required. Interior components are well built.
  • Smooth, it goes over small pebbles and various paved surfaces smoothly.
  • Low Deck.
  • Unsuitable for wet weather, wheels become slippery.
  • Bearings are slow but can be changed to faster ones from Bones.
  • Small deck that’s not suitable for people with bigger feet.
  • Noisy. Unsuitable for super rough terrain such as rocks or gravel.
  • Joints areas such as the handlebars have to be tightened over time as it would become loose and unsteady.
  • Lock pin to fold can be hard to slide and unlock if you’re a newbie. Fast to fold once you’re used to it.

Picture Source: Amazon

Razor A5 LUX Adult Kick Scooter
Our Score 7.9 out of 10
Our Verdict A good scooter for adults to start out. Light, compact and easy to fold once you learn how to do it. Quality of product is what would be expected for the price. A overall crowd-pleaser that’s prefectly priced for the function, value and fun it delivers. Some regular tightening maintenance is expected for loosening of scooter joints to ensure a safe ride. Unsuitable for wet and rough terrain. Great for short city commutes. For a smoother ride and similar price, you might want to consider the similar Razor Carbon Lux Scooter if you do not need your scooter to be folded.

*Information is based on our research and analysis done at time of publishing article. Subject to updates and changes periodically. (Last Updated: September 2015)

Review overview
Our Score - 7.9
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