The first minute of the video has really loud music with the YouTuber “talkaboutownage” demonstrating the Razor E300s at a fast speed, up and down a gently slope. So be warned, you might want to turn down the volume for that part. The meatier part of the review by DaWang starts at 1:00 of this 7 minute video.

He shares that he bought his 2nd hand Razor E300s kick scooter off Craig’s List and had to fixed it up. He modified the battery and added in 4 head lights and 1 tail light at the back on his own. He takes off the battery charger which he had left on overnight.

He states that the scooter has height-adjustable handle bars, that makes it easier whether you’re standing or sitting on the scooter. His dog makes a special cameo in the video as well. And according to him, his dog agrees his pimped up ride is pretty cool.


He bought it for U$100 off Craig’s list and had to fix it up as the battery was dead and the brake was broken by the first owner. He spend an additional US$210 to buy up parts to fix it up.

He moves on to show a clip of the Razor E300s folded in the backseat of a car.


The listed weight allowed on the scooter is up to 225 pounds. Despite that, he adds that although he only weighs 130 pounds, the scooter struggles to get it uphill sometimes. However, it speeds down hill pretty quick and does get a little shaky, other than that it’s pretty safe.

He’a able to ride over concrete pavements and transit to soft grass easily without any glitches in the video demo. And says the battery last him about 3 miles before he modified the battery power to increase it to last 4 miles, which last him about 40 minutes.


Lastly he shows a video footage of the scooter on an actual ride from 4:10 onwards



He also makes a comment that the seat on Razor scooter come across as a little nerdy but totally worth it. He recommends the scooter for anybody who wants a recreational ride. He adds a tip that a bike lock can be added in the front wheel as well.




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