WSJ’s Anne-Marie Chaker discusses with Lee Hawkins on the rising popularity of kick scooters for adults.

In the video they highlight the different variations of the available scooters in the market. Such as the Micro Kickboard’s Pedalflow model (Video Timing: 1:22) that you need to pedal in order to move forward. As well as the Y Fliker model (Video Timing: 1:46) that requires you to sway from side to side to propel yourself forward.

This is a shared video with the direct source linked from YouTube. YouTube views at time of publishing article: 1,298. Video was originally published on Mar 9, 2016 by Wall Street Journal.

WSJ’s Home and Lifestyle reporter, Anne also shares that the popularity is fueled by parents (Video Timing:0:40) joining on the bandwagon. And that at a recent toy fair (Related industry expo) , she noticed a lot of scooter models (Video Timing:0:22) that included scooter-bike hybrids and scooter-skateboard hybrids.

After some probing by Lee, she gives feedback (Video Timing:0:52) that parents are likely keen to get scooters to ride along with their kids as a matter of catching up with them on the same speed. Besides that she shares that it’s great exercise and also a way to get around.

We reckon that riding kick scooters is also probably a recreation activity that both parents and kids can enjoy, bond and have fun together. And hence it’s catching on.

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