Kick Scooters For Adults

Pimp Your Ride II : Upgrade Your Kick Push Scooter Handlebar Grips
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To have more control steering while riding your kick scooter, consider changing the grips on your scooter's handle bars to provide a better and...
20 Inch Current Coaster Review
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Built with durable Steel Frame and Forks, the 20" Current Coaster seems...
Cheap Kick Scooters For Adults
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Looking for the best adult kick scooter under $100? Not sure what to buy? If you're on the lookout for a cheap adult kick...
Xootr Roma Kick Scooter Review
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The Xootr Roma with Fender/Brake Kit comes with a narrow deck allows for...
Micro Black Scooter Review
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The Micro Black Scooter is build for adults and kids alike - with...
CFG Mini Scooter Review
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The lightweight CFG Mini Scooter (White/ Silver) is the perfect kick scooter for...
Vokul VK-205 Adult Kick Scooter
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We have a newcomer. Weighing at 8.8 lbs, it's one of the lightest adult kick scooter in the market. The Vokul® VK-205 Portable...
Crisp Big Wheel Commuter Scooter Review
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The Crisp Big Wheel Scooter is a stable and smooth ride for adults...
Micro Flex Blue Adult Kick Scooter Review
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The Micro Flex Blue comes with a classic design from the...
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