David Pierce (Senior Writer) from WIRED gives a quick introduction to the ELECTRIC USCOOTER that’s essentially an electric adult kick scooter. And yup, he has his helmet on!

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YouTube views at time of publishing article: 13,258. Video was originally published on Jan 25, 2016 by WIRED.

On first impression, we find the design of the UScooter really similar to the E-twow Booster Scooter.

Okay back to David’s video review.

Basically he shares that the UScooter Electric Scooter can go up to 18 mph and weighs about 24 lbs. It comes with headlight and a horn.

It has regenerative braking that charges every time you slow down.

It’s also Foldable and Portable enough to be placed in a car boot or on a train.

It can also go up curbs and slopes unlike a hoverboard.

But it’s more fun on an empty road. As it can get into people’s way on the pavement.

CONS include the following:
1. Unlocking and folding it can be awkward.
2. It can be hard to look cool.

He confesses at the end of the video that he has become one of those scooter people that he used to hate.
And that he hopes more people come on board the bandwagon.

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