Vokul VK-205 Adult Kick Scooter

We have a newcomer. Weighing at 8.8 lbs, it’s one of the lightest adult kick scooter in the market. The Vokul® VK-205 Portable Folding Adult Matte Black Bull Wheel Kick Scooter is made of high quality aluminium alloy.

The Foot board comes with non-slip-tape that gives good grip for riders.

With an attractive red, black and steel design and affordable pricing, we predict that it’s on the fast track to becoming one of the more popular kick scooters on the block.

Pros: It comes with a carrying strap and a kickstand!
Cons: There’s no built-in suspension, and this means some heavy rattling and vibrations are to be expected when you go over some uneven or rough surfaces. It’s a
Notables: It’s similar in design to the Hudora Big Wheel RX 205 Scooter


Quick Summary

  • Weight Capacity: 220lbs (100kg)
  • Adjustable height for Handle Bar
  • Easy to Fold and Carry
  • Shock-absorbing wheels with ABEC 5 chroms
  • Giant 205 mm (8.07 inches) tires


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Specifications & Review

Vokul VK-205 Adult Kick Scooter
Shipping Weight 10.3 pounds
Price Range
Weight of Kick Scooter 6.6 pounds
Battery Charging Time N.A.
Speed Range of Scooter N.A.
Available Colors Black/Red
Recommended Age From Teens Onwards
Maximum Weight Capacity 220 lbsB
Folded dimensions N.A.
Adjustable Height For Handle Bar Yes.
Front Brake No
Back Brake Yes
Kick Stand Yes.
Wheels 205 mm (8.07 inches) wheels, ABEC 5 chroms
Frame Aluminium alloy
Deck Aluminium alloy
Foldable? Yes
Vokul VK-205 Adult Kick Scooter
Pros Sporty and sleek design. Handlebar is adjustable that’s great for sharing the scooter between kids, parents or couples. Lightweight and easy to fold.
Cons Large size compared to other smaller kick scooters such as the Razor A4. Removable shoulder strap attached on the kick scooter can be distracting and cumbersome while riding. The locking mechanism for folding has a tendency to wear off after regular usage.
Picture Source: Product Peeks YouTube Channel
Vokul VK-205 Adult Kick Scooter
Our Score 7.5 out of 10
Our Verdict The Vokul VK-205 Adult Push Scooter reigns high in terms of looks and aesthetics, easy folding mechanism and sharing capability/usability between riders of different heights. Drawbacks include the high deck level from the ground. While it helps to prevent scratches from below, it take a lot more effort to slightly squat on one leg on the deck and for the other leg to push off. Merits include an accompanying kickstand and a removable carry strap. Expect fast wear and tear from regular usage.

*Information is based on Amazon Content at time of publishing article. Subject to updates and changes periodically. (Last Updated: September 2015)

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