WingFlyer Z150 Scooter Review

Get a workout while you commute with the WingFlyer Z150 Scooter. It comes across as a hybrid between a “Stair Stepper” + ” Kick Scooter”.

You’ll have to stand and step up and down to propel the scooter to move forward. Not so great for upslopes. Most riders have a lot of fun out of this scooter.

It’s more for recreational usage than commuting. It’s also recommended for people who can no longer exercise via using their bicycles anymore, as they do not need to sit to make the scooter move. But they’ll get to work out those lower limbs without hurting their back, as they’ll be in a standing position most of the time.


Quick Summary

  • Hand controlled rear band brake
  • Foldable For Easy Storage and Transport
  • Weigh Capcacity: Supports up to 160 lbs
  • Transportation and excellent workout at same time>


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