Finally! Xootr is moving away from it’s original folding mechanism that uses a removable lock-pin. You no longer have to worry about losing the pin or even bending down to unfold your scooter.

While it may take some getting used to, we love the new improved design (Available in the Scooter Model XOOTR X4) that simply allows you to unfold the scooter with a simple press of your foot on the latch button while holding the scooter upright. To fold, just step and press on the button. Easy does it!

So its “LOCKING PIN” versus the “QUICKCLICK LATCH”. Old versus New. Which do you prefer?

Check out the videos above and below for more details!

The video on top is a shared video with the direct source linked from YouTube. YouTube views at time of publishing article: 2,371. Video was originally published on 16 Nov 2016 by XootrUrbanTransport.

Xootr QuickClick Latch – How To Fold and Unfold by XootrUrbanTransport

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