The video starts off with a symphony and loud percussion. Bert from NYCeWheels is giving a video review on the Xootr MG Kick Scooter.

Xootr MG Video Review

He starts off the video zipping down a street and breezing through a park with a rather stern-looking face.

Xootr MG Video Review

He proceeds to introduce the the Xootr MG by lifting it easily with one hand and mentioning the scooter is for adults. He mentions that it’s handcrafted in Pennysavalinia and that Xootr scooters are super fast and very safe.

Xootr MG Video Review

He moves on with a demonstration by giving the scooter a few kicks and going up a slight uphill slope with ease.


The Xootr scooter he’s holding weighs about 10 pounds and he swings it over his back and carries the scooter with a built in strap.

Xootr MG Video Review


Xootr MG Video Review

Xootr MG Video Review

He recommends the scooters for civic commuting and recreational weekend riding. And unfolds the bike, inserts a pin to lock the mainframe and lengthens the handle bar, all within 30 seconds to show how fast it takes to set the Xootr MG kick scooter up.

Xootr MG Video Review

The scooter he’s holding has foam grips and he says “It eats up vibrations really well.”.

He also brings up that the wheels on the Xootr MG are much larger than the ones you would see in department store scooters.

He even jumps with the scooter while it’s cruising at one point in the video, which is kinda cool, coz we didn’t expect that from him.


Loving the last ending credits where they ended with “Xootr are for kids from 7 to 97 years”.


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