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Hi and welcome to! We've created this website to share useful user review information and recommendations on kick scooters for adults. If you’re in the market for a new scooter, we're here to help! Check out our consolidated Kick Scooter reviews and get the inside SCOOT!

Finding and choosing a suitable Kick Scooter can be easy. To kick off, we recommend that you check out the video review section by real users to have a look and feel at the different kinds of Adult Kick Scooter models that are available in the market.

Next, find out which among them are best suited to your requirements and budget by narrowing down on a particular type (Electric, Motorised or Manual Kick Scooter), manufacturer (Razor, Xootr, Go-Ped) and model name.

Most importantly, check out our complete comparison guides on "The Top 3 Adult Kick Scooters" and "The Top 3 Adult Electric Kick Scooters" that we think are in the market currently. It shows you everything you need to know at a glance as you ponder about your purchasing decision.

We hope this site will be able to help you choose a dependable and reliable Kick Scooter for your needs. Have fun scooting!

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Editors' Top Picks - Manual Kick Scooters


Made to last, the KickPed Adult Kick Scooter is built with a high-tensile steel frame to withstand vibrations for a comfortable ride and can support up to 300 lbs (136 kg). Plus, it features a sleek and narrow deck made of marine grade plywood.

Xootr Mg

The Xootr Mg Kick Scooter is a blast to ride and easy to carry. Built based on a Award-winning industrial design by Lunar Design, it made with solid magnesium, known for it’s light weight and strength.


The Know-Ped is exquisitely handcrafted from high quality aircraft grade materials. A kick scooter that is strong, durable and portable – it stands out as the new standard in push scooter design and construction

Vokul VK-205

The Vokul VK-205 Adult Push Scooter reigns high in terms of looks and aesthetics, easy folding mechanism and sharing capability/usability between riders of different heights.

Urban 7XL

The Urban 7XL Kick Scooter for Adults has built-in double suspension that gives a smooth ride when you're going over bumps or uneven pavements. If you're looking for the occasional ride and want a slightly better kick scooter than the basic models, the Urban 7XL is one of the best mid-range option available.

Razor Carbon Lux

Worth it's weight in gold, the Razor Carbon Lux Adult Kick Scooter does not dissapoint! Do take note that it is not foldable and this is both a strength and weakness. Strength because it makes it more sturdy and rigid when riding. Weakness cause it's not as compact and portable for storage or transition between destinations.

Fuzion Cityglide

Light, fast and fun to use, the Fuzion City Glide has a striking color palette that’s hard to miss. Great for light weight riders using it on smooth city pavements and looking for a low cost scooter for short term usage.

Exooter M1050

The Exooter exudes a cool and stylish vibe that’s paired with functionality. Enjoy a smooth ride on the Exooter with built in shock absorbing double suspension. A carry strap is also provided for portability...

Razor A5 LUX

A good scooter for adults to start out. Light, compact and easy to fold (once you learn how to do it). A overall crowd-pleaser that's prefectly priced for the function, value and fun it delivers.

Editors' Top Picks - Adult Electric Scooters

EcoReco M5 E-Scooter

A popular choice for those who want to upgrade from their manual kick scooters and kick into high gear. The EcoReco M5 is equipped with a 250 watt motor and double suspension to soften bumps and make your ride a smoother and faster one.

E-twow Booster Scooter

Armed with both an electric and manual mode, it is safe, smooth and stable to maneuver with both front and rear braking mechanisms as well. With a sleek and slim looking frame and quick battery charging time, moving seamlessly around the city has never been easier.

Inokim Quick-2 Myway Electric Scooter

The Inokim Quick 2 is immaculately-designed, sought-after and an overall high performance electric scooter. It has a nice torque to climb slopes and is capable of supporting weights up to 264 pounds with it’s sturdy deck and body.

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