After the success of Inokim Quick-2 and Inokim Light, Inokim Mini has arrived in 2017! The Inokim Mini is ultra-lightweight and portable, that’s perfect for urban commuting. Video was originally published on 1 October 2015 by Falcon PEV Pte Ltd. on May 15, 2017 on Youtube.

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The Inokim Mini — The most compact lightweight Inokim Yet by Falcon PEV Pte Ltd
Published on YouTube on May 17, 2017

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We love the inclusion of the mini wheels that improves the portability of the scooter in the trolley mode. The mini wheels also have a dual function of being a facilitator of a great upright standby/parking mode when the scooter is placed in a stationary position.

Unique built-in trolley wheels on the deck allows easy portability of the electric scooter during transit spaces

Scooter Weight: 8.5kg to 8.7 kg

Weight Capacity: 95 KG

Distance Range: 17 to 20 KM

There are 2 versions of the Inokim Mini available:
1. Mini Version: 2 Button for brake and accelerate
2. Mini+ Version: Regular Throttle for brake and accelerate + 36V 250W motor Upgrade

Front tire 6″ pneumatic and Rear 6″ solid rubber

Speed Range: 18 KM/H to 20 KM/H
Charging Time: 3.5 HRS to 4 HRS

Dimensions: Unfolded: 91cm X 38.4cm X 113.5CM, Folded: 87cm X 38.4cm X 30cm

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