Arson is a firefighter and has spent 2 year researching and deciding on which Kick Scooter he wants to buy. This video review by him is insightful and he offers a few comparisons on his shortlisted kick scooter models of choice near the later half of the video. He went back and forth between deciding which model to buy as the cost of a kick scooter can be quite pricey.

Eventually he ended buying up the Know-Ped from the company, Go-Ped. He mentions Go-Ped is from California. He describes the Know-Ped as an adult kick scooter, where you push it with your foot and it’s got 2 wheels and a handle bar. “Similar to a Razor scooter that you buy at Walmart. Except that it’s not.”

Know-Ped Kick Scooter Video Review


Next he provides reasons why he’s purchasing the kick scooter:

1. He bought it for spending time with his kids. The kids have bicycle sand smaller Razor scooters and he wants to be able to travel at the same speed as them. A bike would be too fast.


2. He’s living in an area suitable for kick scooting. And he wants to be able to go to the nearby parks with his kids on a whim without the hassle of getting his bike out and pumping air and wearing the right sports attire. It faster and easier. He only needs to grab a helmet and off he can go.


3. He wants to ride the kick scooter along paths near the rivers and creeks at where he fishes. The kick scooter allows him to mount and dismount easily even when he’s wearing attire for fishing. It’s also easy to chuck by the side of the bush while he’s fishing and get back to it when he needs to go to the next spot. He saves a lot of time and has ease of use.


4. Geo Cache and he doesn’t have to worry about difficulty finding parking places as he can park his car a mile away and just glide in to the town area on his kick scooter. He doesn’t have to worry about getting a ticket or the running meter.
Know-Ped Kick Scooter Video Review

5. It’s fun and versatile. He can just get on and get to where he wants to go and get off. He likes to do fun things that burns calories rather than working out in the gym. So kick scooting offers him this option.

Know-Ped Kick Scooter Video Review

Finally he goes on to the comparison models he’s been eyeing on before his purchase:

1. Xootr – (U$249) It has a collaspible handle bar. He recommends check out another YouTuber’s review on Xootr Kick Scooters. He doesn’t give any real reason why he opted out of this though. But the handle bar’s maximum height might be too low for him as he is quite tall, even though it is adjustable.

2. Know-Ped – (U$161) + (Free 2 day shipping)
Know-Ped Kick Scooter Video Review

3. Kick Ped – ($U239) + (U$273 Shipping Cost)
Based on Arson’s research, it’s basically a remodel of the Know-Ped. Kick Ped was specially customised and manufacturef for NYC Wheels by Go-Ped. The Kick Ped has a taller bar for taller people at 42 inches. The front brake is removed and it also sports a thinner foot bed.

He almost bought the Kick Ped but the high price (U$239) and additional shipping cost (U$273) put him off. In the end he decided to get the Know-Ped and make some modifications himself with additional accessories he had to buy to increase the handle bar height, to make it suitable for his height.



Know-Ped Kick Scooter Video Review
Know-Ped Kick Scooter Video Review 

Arson’s Know-Ped Upgrades:

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