This is a Video Review on the 2 different types of Xootr Adult Scooters by marthor7 via his YouTube Channel.


He had previously bought one of the Xootr scooters and liked it. So he went ahead to buy another one (for other family members) and just received his new one a day ago.


He places the Xootr MG and Xootr Ultra Cruz side by side and share that they are pretty much identical except for their deck and prices.


The Xootr MG has a magnesium deck and is lighter in weight but slightly more expensive compared the Xootr Ultra Cruz.


However, the Xootr Ultra Cruz is heavier in weight and sports a wooden deck (Which we think is kinda similar to the Goped) that is able to support a heavier rider.

It has a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs (136 kgs) compared to the Xootr MG at 250 lbs (114 kg).

Both of the Xootr scooters have front and rear brakes. For the front brake, you can press it on the handle bar.


As for the rear, you’ll need to use your feet to press down on the fender to slow it down.

He shares that on a flat street, you’ll hardly need to use the brakes at all.


He proceeds to do a live demonstration of kick scooting the Xootr Ultra Cruz on the street pavement. He claims that you can go about 10 miles an hour on the Xootr. He adds that you can probably go faster, but advises against increasing the speed, especially if you’re going down hill/down the slope, as it can get pretty dangerous.


The tires are made up of polyurethane, which is highly durable, and he suggests that the manufacturer uses this material as it is super low friction material, which allows it to glide longer per kick. He does a U-turn and tests it on the road in his neighbourhood next.

He adds that with the Xootr scooters, you’ll get more mileage per kick compared to other kick scooter models in the market.

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