This is a really neat video that gives you some sweet tips and guides on choosing a electric scooter that’s foldable and suitable for commuting short distances in the city by CNET.


  • Choose one that suits your lifestyle needs.
    Do you need one that requires it to be more durable and sturdy?
    Or do you need one that’s more lightweight, which makes it easier to lift in between destinations?
  • Look out for Shocks, Suspensions & Coil Springs to handle rough terrains to enjoy a smooth ride.
  • Comfortable Handlebars that are also ergonomically designed makes a notable difference in comfort.
  • For electric motors, the more watts, the better.
  • They advised to look out for electric scooter models with a front wheel motor to help enhance braking effectively compared to those that just include a rear disc break.
    In addition, the scooter should also include an additional rear brake in order to brake safely.
  • The narrator/content creator of this video also gave his personal preferences on braking levers. In particular, he preferred thumb levers to “Bike-style” levers for braking.
  • He also preferred scooters that offered a digital display or “real computer” on top that offers displays on your mileage and even options such as “cruise control”.
  • He also recommended looking out for scooters that charges fully in a few hours.
  • And if you like to ride at night, find scooters with built in front and rear lights, as in might be hard to add it on your own due to the foldable design of these scooters.
  • And if you need to regularly place your scooter on public transport systems like the bus or trains, look out for foldable scooters that can collaspe quickly and efficiently to save time and hassle.


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